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Post  Lobo on Sun Aug 24, 2008 8:29 pm

1 Your age and time zone: 18, NY EST time zone

2 How often are you on? As much as i can be.

3. What previous experience do you think you have that others dont? im a hybrid GM. ive hosted and GM'd on all the major emu versions (i.e. Mangos/Antrix/Ascent/ArcEMU)

4. Some background info:

5. Are any current GMs willing to vouch for you? None that ive kept in touch with sadly =/

6. Are any players willing to vouch for you? yea i have a list.

7. How Long Have You Played Retail? since release, i was on of the ones who stood on line for it at midnight ^,^

8. Anything else? Yea, just another type of format i put up in some other places if you dont mind...
1. Name: Lobo
2. Age: 18
3. Time Zone/Area: USA EST/NY
4. Retail Exp: Been playing since release. Used to be a hardcore raider Pre-BC. (when the game was actually fun to play)
5. Private Server Exp: Playing on them for well over a year, Hosting/GM'ing for a bit more then that. Mangos/Antrix/Ascent/ArcEMU.
6. Standard Playtime: Any and Every time I Can.
7. GM Command Knowledge: I can safely say almost all for all 4 versions stated above.
8: Graphic Artist You Say?: Yep, check out my little layout i threw together on my myspace. - Lobo? - 18 - Mand - CENTRAL ISLIP, US - . I consider myself an asset to the server's Website. I also have a fond knowledge to HTML.
9: Are you dependable: Like i said, im there every chance i get. Hopping from one problem to the next trying to resolve each one. I used to hate it playing on servers and the GMs were tied down by other problems, so id try my best to solve people's issues in general chat to give the GMs a break.

10: Why Would Any Server Consider You:I know the commands, I'm Dependable, Punctual, Friendly, Helpful, knowledgeable, imaginative, laid back and just all around cool ^,^

11. Any Other Attributes That You Would Like To Add?: Um, I guess just some points from other apps that were required.

100% Fluent in the English Language. Some Spanish.
Not Ventrilo Shy, ill hop right on and speak with no hesitation.
and so on and so forth.

Welp, that pretty much covers the basis of it. But if you admins/creators out there have any questions, feel free to contact me via email or AiM.

AiM - EstilosLobo

Thx in Advanced.

- Lobo


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