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Climax - Admin/Developer/Scripter/GM Application

Post  Climax on Sun Aug 24, 2008 1:37 pm

Climax - Developer - Scripter - Admin - GM

1 Your age and time zone: 18 and UK England Time

2 How often are you on? To much! Even after being at work i will still be on awhile though i carnt give specific times

3. What previous experience do you think you have that others dont? I can script LUA both easy and to the very Complex ive been an Admin of two of my own private servers and GMs on countless others im patient and my RL job is customer service wich in truth is what being a GM is all about i can deal with situations professionally without problems.

4. Some background info: Ive played WoW for 3/4 years and been on private servers for about 3 years

5. Are any current GMs willing to vouch for you? ----

6. Are any players willing to vouch for you? ----

7. How Long Have You Played Retail? again 3/4 years, 70 undead lock been an very hardcore raider both pre tbc and tbc have reccently stoped playing retail due to there being nothing to do! ive seen the game in and out.

8. Anything else? Ive been looking for a server like this to join for some time now and belive i will be of value to you in many ways i understand server structure, what players want and database inside and out. I understand how to follow rules and restrictions and what my limits are.

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