My GM application .... Fallenhero

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My GM application .... Fallenhero

Post  Fallenhero on Mon Aug 25, 2008 6:20 pm

1 Your age and time zone:I am 15 Years Old and I am in EST (Eastern Standard Time)

2 How often are you on?I am normall on 5-7 Hours A day and I can be on more if I am needed

3. What previous experience do you think you have that others dont? I can Very Helpful Plus i can create Custom Armor, Weapons, Jewelary, Vendors, and Bags

4. Some background info:I am 15 Years old... I love to Jump on my bike, play soccer, Hang with friends, Drive my Boat Around, and Ofcourse Play World of Warcraft

5. Are any current GMs willing to vouch for you?Actually I just was looking at the AC-web Forums and I saw Twisted Wow... And i was a Preivous GM on Twisted Wow but the Realm Shut down.... My old Char that was a GM was Fallenhero... So i was looking to see if this was the Twisted Wow I used to be on And if i could get my Job back cause I never wanted to leave.

6. Are any players willing to vouch for you? not Sure....

7. How Long Have You Played Retail?I have Played Retail wow for About 2 Years... And i have a 70 Rogue and a 70 Mage plus a 50 hunter and a 19 twink Hunter... And I have played on Private server for about 2 years also... And about 7 Months of Being a GM on 2 Server and 3 months on GM servers.

8. Anything else? I am very Friendly, helpful, Intelligent Over WoW, Active. I love answering GM tickets and making sure that all players have the best time on the server... Also (Like i said Before) I know how to create Custom Armor, Weapons, Jewelary, Vendors, and Bags. Plus I know most of the glitches that Occur and spells people might not get I.e Ice Block - Mages.... Summon Demons - Warlock... Shapeshifts/Forms - Druid........ And Spells that Might not Work...

So I hope you consider me for a GM job.... And i WIll hopfully talk to you all later and See you in Gameplay......

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