Birkjo's GM Application

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Birkjo's GM Application

Post  Birkjo on Sat Aug 30, 2008 3:50 am

1 Your age and time zone: I am 14 years old and I live in Norway (GMT + 1)

2 How often are you on? I am on 3-5 hours a day, I need to go to school, you know.

3. What previous experience do you think you have that others dont? I have made my own server, and devoloped that,
but I shut it down because I hadn't enough time for devoloping server, website and beieng a GM at the same time.
And I didn't get enough people. Then I saw Twisted WoW on Ac Web, it looked cool, and I saw that you required new GM,
so I decided to make this application.
I think it's fun to answer tickets and help people with their'e problems and issues, so I would love to be a GM on Twisted WoW.

4. Some background info: I am 14 years old, and I like to help people and answer tickets. I am a very kind person, who have patience and I understands angry people, and I always try to keep them down.
I have played private servers for about 1 year, and I see differents between the server rules, some servers ban hackers in 3 days, and others perm IP ban them, I would personally give them another chance and give them like 3 days of ban.
But I always follow your rules, and you decide how you want me to deal against hackers.

5. Are any current GMs willing to vouch for you? No, I don't think so ^^

6. Are any players willing to vouch for you? No I don't think so ^^

7. How Long Have You Played Retail? For about 3 years or so.

8. Anything else? Well, I have told about my self in the background info, I have made my own Joomla! site, and I can do it well, but I am not very good at it.^^
So that was that?

PS. The registration site is down


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