Twisted-WoW Rules

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Twisted-WoW Rules

Post  Monloo on Wed Aug 20, 2008 3:17 pm

1) You can only speak English on all global channels, Foreign Languages Channel /join language
2) DON'T flame the staff(Devlopers/GM/Admins ETC..)
3) DON'T Advertise other WoW servers in game.
4) DON'T abuse any bugs/exploits/faction/
5) DON'T use any kind of speed/wall/fly/etc. hacks. Doing this will get you banned from Twisted WoW
6) NO cheating at all ever!
a) You are not allowed to use cheat programs.(including Model Editors)
b) You are not allowed to use packet injectors.
c) You are not allowed to use custom client.
7) You need to respect GMs/Devlopers.
a) Do not curse at a GM in any language.
b) Do not make fun of a GM unless he asks for it.
c) Players are not allowed to bother GM's Unless they open a ticket.

Cool Racism WILL NOT BE TOLORATED You Will Ban Instant Banned, If Talk About Racism

Obay these rules and well be happy!
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